Appointment Booking and Management

DynaLIFE has migrated AHS’s new clinical and laboratory information system. For the next few weeks, we will continue to spend more time with each patient, so your lab visit may take longer and you may experience a longer wait. Appointments are encouraged, but are filling up very fast. Thank you for your continued patience.

All booked appointment times are approximate and may require a short wait.
DynaLIFE has a responsibility to serve all patients in a timely manner and may prioritize patients with urgent needs.


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Tests that must be booked by calling our Customer Care Centre are:
  1. Harmony Test
  2. Measles
  3. Occupational Drug Testing
  4. Paternity Testing
  5. Gestational Diabetes Screen
  6. Clinical Trials
  7. Urea Breath
  8. Blood Group (Type & Screen)
  9. Glucose Tolerance Tests (GTT2 and GTTPR)
  10. Immigration
  11. Neutrophil Oxidative Burst